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Microsoft Word Instructions:

  1. Double click the document’s header area to begin editing the first page’s header.
  2. You should now see Header and Footer Tools at the top of the screen; check the box marked Different First Page.
  3. On the first page, write Running head: [TITLE OF YOUR PAPER]
  4. With the cursor directly to the right of your title, press tab twice. This will bring the cursor over to the right side of the header area.
  5. Towards the top left of the screen you’ll see a drop down menu marked Page Number. Choose Current Position and Plain Number as the style.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 on page two. Make sure to leave off Running head: this time.
  7. Now you should see this header on all of the subsequent pages.

Download an APA starter template for MS Word.

Google Docs instructions:

  1. Click within the header area (press enter if you are too close to the top edge).
  2. Type Running head: YOUR TITLE HERE
  3. Check the box marked Different first page header/footer
  4. With your cursor directly to the right of the title, choose Insert (found at the top underneath your document’s title), then select Page Number and choose the first option.
  5. Hit tab until the page number is as far to the right as it will go. If you need to back up, hit undo.
  6. On page two, click to the left of the page number and hit backspace until you are on the far left.
  7. Press enter once if you’re writing too close to the top edge.
  8. Directly before the page number, enter your title in caps (do not include Running head:)
  9. Hit tab until the page number is as far to the right as it will go.

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